In 1982 Eyk and Don had the idea to make music for the first time. In the very beginning they experimented with different instruments and kitchen appliances. They used German lyrics inspired by Punk and ”Neue Deutsche Welle”.

In 1987 they formed their first real band: Colours of Silence. Don was the singer while Eyk played synths and drumcomputer. They were supported by bassist Butch Pate aka Mark Petrick and Windy (guitar). The lyrics became English and the music was a mixture of Pop and Wave.


One year later after a split, they formed a new band was called The Pirates and the Cherubs which was extended by background vocalist Steffi. The Pop/Wave-style of Colours of Silence was enriched with Punk and Rock elements.


But it was not really the kind of music they wanted to play. So the music developed slowly into a darker direction. After Windy and Steffi left the band, the sound became a mixture of Dark Wave, Gothic and EBM. At that time a new band was born: the legendary Fog Drowning!  They gave some successful concerts. And in 1990/ 91 they produced a limited tape called “Damned to witness”.


Later in 1991 it came to a final split. Eyk left the band while Mark and Don wanted to go on making music. Their aim was to make electronic music (EBM). But this project failed. Don and Mark went different ways. Don had a short project together with later PF7-member Oliver S. called Mindstream. But their work was not very successful. After a long musical break Don started Total Mind Collapse in 1993 which transformed into Putrefy Factor 7.


Mark entered the EBM/Industrial-scene and was part of the Puppy-like project Whippet of Trench and founded later his solo-project Terminal Warfare. Finally he discovered Goa-Trance as logical consequence to EBM and started his project Xenomorph which combined danceable Goa-Trance with dark, horrific sample-work.


Eyk had different projects between 1991 and 1997, as well solo (Gothic influenced soundtracks, later then, a mixture of EBM, Drum’n’Bass, TripHop and abstract HipHop) as together with his friend Stephan, a drummer, with a mixture of mediaeval + electronic music.



In 1997, after a long time of almost no contact, Eyk wanted to produce his project in Don’s new established sonXstudio. With this collaboration, they both realized that they wanted to work together again, so Eyk became a part of Putrefy Factor 7.


In autumn 1997 Eyk and Don had an idea for a project which would fuse ambient soundscapes and female vocals. This project should be called Yle. Two years later after the end of PF7 this project started officially as a TripHop-project with Drum’n’Bass-influences. Two years later, Don and Eyk realized that this project failed. The project was finished.

The latest sonXproject is called Fragments, an experimental musicians’ collective formed in April 2001. More details can be found here.

Additionally Eyk plans a new solo project called urban.quarter.