The idea for the project Fragments was originally developed in 1995. Don at that time felt caught by conventions and fixed structures within his main project PF7. He wanted to break out and intended to establish a multi-artistical collective (musicians, painters, photographers, dancers). He wanted to mix different ideas that did not seem harmonious. On the musical level he wanted to work with fragments of very different styles of music and give them a context.

In 1997 the new PF7 line-up (Don W., Eyk S. and Oliver S.) started rehearsals which produced a 25 minute improvisation of the track ”A dream”. But as PF7 was more important there was no further time left for Fragments.



Now in 2002 it is time to lead Fragments to the next level. The line-up will be enlarged with guest musicians. Jam sessions will be recorded and afterwards edited at sonXstudio. The intention is to get more influences, more artistic liberty.


Watch out for the future!

In summer 2000, as artists Angelika John and Bettina Böhme asked Don for musical support for their exhibition ”Klangbilder” in Berlin in 2001, the project got new motivation. As Fragments could not play a concert at the venue for technical reasons, they decided to produce a CD. The result was created within two months (April/May 2001) and showed very ambient, intensive, unconventional, experimental soundscapes with existentialistic lyrics about life and death, fears and visions.