In 1993 Don W. started a solo-project called Total Mind Collapse. It was the first time that he worked alone with electronic equipment only. Inspired by the Canadian Electro/Industrial-style he created a very dark but danceable kind of Electro. In September 1993 he and his friend Alex M. decided to found a further project. Putrefy Factor 7 started as a pure Noise-Industrial-project. Don wrote the lyrics for both projects, so the lyrical content was nearly identical: an exaggerated statement of negative emotions concerning our society focussing on hatred, egotism, materialism, fear, pollution, psychological breakdowns, violence, isolation and so on. During their work the projects merged more and more, so that they finally decided to integrate TMC into PF7 and achieve a wider spectrum of sound.

In July 1994 PF7 signed with Celtic Circle Productions. In September 1994 they produced their first album ”Total Mind Collapse” together with Sevren Ni-Arb (XMTP) at his TGIF-Studio. This album was released in March 1995 and offered a mixture of nightmarish, torturing and destructive electronics between Dark EBM and Noise Industrial supported by horrific, distorted and modulated vocals.

In 1995 Don and Alex established their own studio (Factor 7-Studio) to have the possibility to produce new songs on their own. In March 1996 they finished the recordings for their second album ”Decay Section”. The sound on this release was darker, harsher and more intense than before. Don’s lyrics became more personal. Because of problems of their label CCP it lasted 1 year until this album and the MCD ”Regulation” were released.

In the meantime Don and Alex had some private problems which finally caused the split of PF7. Don then intended to go on with PF7 on his own. In spring 1997 he established his new studio (sonX-Studio) and worked again on new material.

Summer 1997 brought two new members to PF7: Eyk S., Don’s longtime musical companion before PF7, and Oliver S., who had also worked together with Don. Already in August 1997 the new formed PF7 had their first concert at a CCP-Festival in Cologne.

PF7 now had two new challenges: 1. They wanted to enlarge their sonic spectrum by integrating modern styles (like Drum‘n’Bass, TripHop, BigBeats etc.) and create a modern kind of EBM/Industrial. 2. They wanted to deepen their skills of production to give their sound more pressure and more transparency. Between 1997 and 1999 they created some new tracks and remixes.

But in 1998 CCP/Khazad-Dûm decided to end their activities without a single notice to PF7. Suddenly they were without a label. The work on new tracks was protracted because of their high demands on sound. In December 1999 they had a concert in Dresden which would also be their last one. In January 2000 Don decided to finish Putrefy Factor 7. Don and Eyk started their new project Yle.

In 2002 PF7 has started again to produce new tracks! Watch out for a new album in the near future.