Cycloon - Celebrate (PF7-Remix)

Remixed by Don W. in Summer 1997 at sonX-Studio
Released on Cycloon’s Celebrate-MCD in 1998

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Dust of Basement - Despair (sonXplosive)

Remixed by Don W. and Eyk S. in winter 1997/1998 at sonX-Studio
Released on Dust of Basement’s (vice versa) opticus in 2000

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Listen to excerpts of the tracks here!



Noise Process - Dying World (Not another Dance-Remix)

Remixed by Don W. in August/September 2002 at sonX-Studio
Released on Noise Process’ EP “Synapse - the dead world EP” in June 2003

Other remixers: ESR, Dismantled, Invidious Devotion, Noise Process and others

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