1. Projects

Cycloon + Don W.

In the end of 1999 Axel Kleintjes asked Don to sing some songs for his main project Cycloon. The first results of this collaboration are the tracks “Arkain Scent” and “Sisemen<” for which Don wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals at sonXstudio in spring 2000. The tracks appear on the following releases:

Cycloon - Scent (MCD)
released in Feb. 2002 at Scanner

Collaboration Tracks:
Arkain Scent (Single Edit)

Furthermore the MCD contains some remixes and a video-clip of Arkain Scent

Cycloon - Zeitseize
new Cycloon album to be released
end of March 2002 at Scanner

Collaboration Track:
Arkain Scent

Further guests on this release:
Rüdiger Schuster
Ned Kirby (Stromkern)

More information for Cycloon:


This is Eyk’s and Don’s Techno/House-project. Four tracks have been produced in summer 1999. Listen to complete audio tracks at the audio area .

At the moment this project is inactivated!

2. sonX-Remixes

Syreen - Gonna Get You (sonXtract-mix)

This Remix has been produced by Eyk and Don in March 2001 for the Berlin TripHop-project Syreen. Listen to the track on Syreen’s remix page. Click here!

Tolcha - Jugganaut (sonX-Lounge-Mix)

This Remix has been produced by Eyk and Don in April 2002 for the Berlin Downbeat/Breakbeat/Dub band Tolcha.

More Infos: www.tolcha.de


Between May and August 2002 sonXstudio-team recorded, mixed and produced together with zapzero their first demo-cd.

Zapzero is the new band of former PF7-member Olli S.(vocals and guitars), xl.bee (guitars), Andy (bass) and Lui (drums)

Excerpts of the tracks can be found at our audio area.

Send an email to zapzero!