End of August PF7 have finished a further remix: Scrape - Fire (sonX-Over)
Scrape has announced on his homepage that the remix will be released on his new album “Screaming in the void” which is due for release this autumn.
We keep you informed.

If you believe it or not: here are some sonX-news! This time really interesting for PF7-fanatics.
Wire-Records have released the new Noise Process EP “Synapse - the dead world EP”. Included is the PF7-remix of “Dying world”. Read more here!

And now the really amazing news: The old labels Celtic Circle Productions and Khazad-Dum have been reactivated by Alfred Kaenders. And this has a good effect for all of you who have not got any copy of the PF7-releases “Total Mind Collapse”, “Decay Section” and “Regulation-MCD”. They have survived in a secret stock for some years and are offered now together with the whole CCP/KD back-catalogue (links to shops on our link page).

If you are not interested in our old releases check out some new links on our link page.

Added the  Zapzero-logo and email-address!

Listen to an excerpt of PF7’s remix of “Dying World” in our audio area!

Well, long time ago since we have updated our hp. But we have been very busy the last months. The following projects have been finished:

April: sonXstudio-Remix of Tolcha’s “Jugganaut” (More Infos here!)

August: Production of the Zapzero-Demo “Devote”
Listen to Zapzero-Tracks in our audio area!

September: Putrefy Factor 7-Remix of Noise Process’ “Dying World”
(More Infos here!)

In the meantime PF7 and Fragments have started to work on some new tracks. We will keep you informed!


The Projects & Remixes area has been created.
Click here to get information about the collaboration of Cycloon and Don, I.O.T. and remix works!

Recommendation of the day!
Listen to the sonXtract-Mix of Syreen’s Gonna Get You here!

The sonXstudio guestbook is online now!

Added two mp3s (PF7-Remixes of Cycloon and Dust of Basement) to the audio area

Recommendation of the day!
On Eric Yorke’s PF7-fanpage you can find two rare PF7-tracks for download.
Click here!

Some more corrections!
Added a new link!

Added some new links!
Corrected some mistakes!

Everything is new!